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NI help is second to none in my experience. The people are capable, friendly, and take a look at hard but matlab programming product is weak. LabVIEW can make matlab programming best engineer look like an idiot. Theres only a good deal they could do to assist. do you think indians are supposed to be using wats scrap to you. you bugger ,idiot,fuck yourselfyou guys are bigger scraps in dis worldProgramming in LabVIEW is absolutely unintuitive, in matlab programming end Im connecting tiny lines with no logic at all. Radio Labeling and Radio Number for Generalized Caterpillar Graphs, J. Appl. Math Aand Informatics Vol. 342016, No. 5 6, pp. 451 465. Gestures Afghans use their whole hand as a substitute of just one finger when giving directions to others. This gesturing is finished with matlab programming right hand at all times. By using matlab programming whole hand, they avoid pointing at an alternative person. Visiting Afghans are known to invite others to their home for dinner. matlab programming living room is used for eating meals. The food and drinks are served by little ones. Academic Projects: Designed matlab Robot in NERC National Engineering Robotics Competition Designed matlab System on Chip based on FPGA for DICE Digital Innovation International Conference and Exhibition Designed GSM based Theft handle System DesignedRouter on NOX Operating system in Openflow based on Python 2008 NUST BEEE 363 Been matlab part of organizing an Event during Internship at EMC EMI Lab Participated in Sports and E Gaming Represented our challenge at DICE Presented our tasks KEYS OF SUCCESS: Integrity, Ethics, Tolerance, Planning, Leadership, Teamwork, Training, C o m m u n i cation matlab n d C o ntinuous Improvement HONORS and ACHIEVEMENTS Have done Teaching Assistance in courses of Microcontroller and Microprocessor Design and Engineering Circuit Analysis where our major responsibilities were to examine and Design Assignments, Quizzes and Making Lab Including lab viva and its arrangements NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 24323 Muhammad Asim Raza Mohallah Mustafa Abad Phalia Tehsil Phalia District Mandi Bahaudin Phone Number: Muhammad Ayaz Butt Fatomand, Jinnah Road,Street Rafiq Butt Wali,Gujranwala Phone Number: NUST BEEE 364 To work as matlab dedicated engineering expert so that you can serve at my level best. To work as both matlab technically proficient engineer in addition to matlab sound supervisor and leader. I will strive in my professional career to not only convey my best but to create an atmosphere where each person can shine B. E. Electronics Engineering 864/1100 Forman Christian College, Lahore 714/850 Pilot Secondary School, Phalia Analog and Mixed Signals Group NUST SEECS Project: Development of Current Mirror Circuitry To enrich my engineering heritage, skills and education to acquire matlab challenging role in an engineering association and to become matlab good expert by excelling in matlab programming Electronics field. Bachelor of Electronics Engineering 2.